What actually constitutes a real sports fan? Does owning NBA merchandise from a favorite team convert a person into a bigger sports fan than an individual who does not? Some may claim that a team jersey is the fundamental team merchandise a fan should acquire as a sign of loyalty to a team. Quite a number so called fans will go on a shopping spree for affordable sports memorabilia just as soon as their team wins a pennant. But when the team is going through a rut, they can hardly be found with paraphernalia related to the team they support.

Some of the quicker selling jerseys of more famous or better performing teams are sold at a higher price. This would mean that there would be quite a few true fans out there who would not be able to purchase such items. The same situation persists for season tickets.

Why would we support teams or have favorite players to begin with? Individuals primarily the male of the species have a thing about games and being a member of a team. This behavior stems from our childhood. Some things just do not change. We still adore the Michael Jordans of current times because they afford us to live vicariously through them. Not just anyone can throw a three pointer or hit a home run at will but anyone can own an NBA sports team jersey. And it is not just the games that attracts us but the lifestyle as well.

Knowledge is an integral part of being a real fan. Information of team history, current team events and the overall sport is essential. Many fans who attend weekend games are simply doing it for the atmosphere as it is the only time they have a chance to wear their NFL replica jerseys or parade their other team logo merchandise. There is certainly nothing wrong with that as the experience is unbelievable. Having said that, attending games alone does not qualify a person as a genuine fan according to some.

Loyalty is another very vital virtue of being a true fan. As stated earlier, some fans are fickle and only show support to a team during the better times. These are known as fair-weather fans. The minute a team declines in performance, these followers jump to the next best team or the new leader of the pack.

There are quite a few supporters all over the country who are known as armchair fans and have never been to a game. There are people who love a game in spite of not ever having played it. This could be because of a persons physical or psychological restriction. It is difficult to determine what attracts us to a game we do not even play. Could it be the camaraderie? Could it be euphoria of attending a major final? Or could it be the fact that we are merely able to appreciate a good thing when we see it.

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